For the rest of 2020 we need to change how we do complete bikes as COVID-19 situation has resulted in the availability of complete bikes being limited and courier costs across  Australia being quite to variable.

We have the limited stock of Dirt Jump / Slopestyle that come in last week of August, and are available subject to us not selling out. No rain checks or payment plans available, if you cannot afford upfront I cannot proceed to commit to selling you a bike.

Prices do not include delivery costs, and will need to be quoted based on your location. If you want to project your own courier costs for a Dirt Jump / Slopestyle please go to and complete a dummy quote using based on the package leaving postcode 2068 North Willoughby  and dimension L146 x W24 H78, and don't forget to enter your postcode.

Note that we can arrange delivery within Sydney, Wollongong area or Central Coast / Newcastle area if we can arrange a mutually convenient time if you want to save delivery costs.

If you wish to proceed with a purchase please email at or call on 0412805501.

In respect of the Dirt Jump / Slopestyle range we have limited quantity of the following:

Two6Player Pro - $2,690 Stock Exhausted, awaiting 2021 stock later in the year


See link below for parts spec. Frame colour and length based on the Two6Player frames in stock at the time of purchase. This is a bike that is ready to hit even the most technical of jump trail or slopestyle courses. They don't come much better than this.

Quinnie Pro - $2,815 Stock Exhausted, awaiting 2021 stock later in the year

Same parts spec as the Two6Player Pro, but on a Quinnie Cr-Mo frame. 

Two6Player Evo - $1,825 Stock Exhausted, awaiting 2021 stock later in the year

The spec is the same as per the below link, but has grey highlights rather than blue shown in picture. You may choose the colour of your Two6Player frame based on the frames available at the time of purchase. A bike that is perfect for both beginner and advance level riders on a budget.

Quinnie - $1,950 Stock Exhausted For 2020

Dartmoor's updated Cr-Mo frame option in the base level Cr-Mo build. This is more bike than most will ever need.

Gamer Intro 24 - $1,300 (1 remaining)

The perfect entry level bike for a smaller rider, or a adult rider looking for something more playful. A great bike and an affordable price.

In respect of hardtail mountain bikes I have just received news on Marzocchi Z2 forks coming in that we ordered in 27.5 and 29 spec for building completes, so we will be able to offer some attractive builds for people keen on a solid hardtail mountain bike build from our available frames in the Hornet 26 or Primal 29 frame.

Note: We are out of Hornet frames until 2021 stock becomes available.

We use parts from a range of suppliers including Burgtec, Formula, KS Suspension, MircoShift, RaceFace, Spank and of course Dartmoor's own component range.

If you would would like a complete hardtail please message to let us know what you are looking for from your bike along with your budget and location so we can start planning. 

All we ask is that you are realistic with your budget, you will not get a high end hardtail for under $2,000 delivered and if you are looking for entry level or cheap we may not be in a position to assist you.

Unfortunately, due to low availability and high importation costs, we are not offering Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes for the remainder of 2020 as Dartmoor Bikes unless we have a frame in stock. We are sorry is we are not able to help you in this regard.