Zumbi F-11 27.5” is a 160mm travel all-rounder bike for riders looking for a high performance endure race machine or a bike that can handle any trail an all-mountain bike would be expected to perform on. Race proven in the Enduro World Series and Mega Avalanche, this is a bike that you can guarantee will perform when it matters. Having the patented design Floating Pivot Suspension (FPS) at its core, this  bike is the ultimate machine for the world’s roughest single-track, racetracks or backcountry missions.


Perfect stability, agility on challenging tracks and that up-filling pride of owning a bicycle with a “Zumbi” logo on its headtube. Ride it uphill like a marathon bike or descend with confidence on the most technical downhill trails, the Zumbi design gives the rider an unbelievable riding experience and feel of freedom on the bike that many competitors struggle to replicate.


The F11 has carefully designed geometry aimed at providing maximum control of the bike even on most extreme downhills. After all, Zumbi was designed to meet the requirements of professional racers, repeatedly proving its born-to-win characteristics. Years of research led Zumbi to design a bike which combines highest comfort level and sporty character that only they can provide.