F-22 - 180mm rear travel Super Enduro / Freeride

The Zumbi F22 is a 27.5-inch is the bike dedicated to extreme endure or freeriding. Race proven in the Enduro World Series and Mega Avalanche as well as the Freeriding circuit, with 180mm of travel this bike gives you the comfort to ride loose and in control in the most extreme of riding condition.  The bike proves its strength on downhill trails or in the bike park.  F22 with a perfect floating pivot suspension system (FPS) is machine for ride in roughest terrain, yet very good ride uphill’s. A very low centre of gravity makes this bike a rocket on flow trails and corners, allowing superior traction, and on top of all that, let you ride where traditional endure bikes are not going to let you go! Put a 180mm fork to make it more endure orientated, or thrown a set of 200mm downhill forks to make it the ultimate playful freerider or downhill race bike.

F-44 - 200mm rear travel Downhill Racer

The ultimate downhill racing machine, this bike can handle the roughest World Cup courses. Race proven with multiple podium finishes around the World, this bike is not only a work of art, but a downhill racing masterpiece. A downhill bike equipped with double bridge fork 200mm of travel, long wheelbase, powerful rear shock, as well as extremely robust 27.5 inch-wheels and frames make it gain the highest speed and finish first.

FPS System uses four perfectly calculated, pivot points that determine the initial and final leverage ratios; The FPS System remains fully active and isolated from braking and pedalling forces even on very hard terrain. It reduces to the minimum the possibility of losing precious seconds during a downhill race and fights for the podium.