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We service bikes of all makes and types with a comprehensive workshop set up to cater for your needs.

Our service offering is kept simple to avoid confusion with the basic offering being a Tune-Up with the goal of making sure it is safe and that the gears and brakes are working smoothly and a major service which is a comprehensive clean, detail and service of all major components of the bike.

A summary of these services are outlined below. Please note that the cost of service does not include the costs of any replacement or new parts needing to be installed as part of the service. 

We are able to pick up and return your bikes anywhere on Sydney's Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches or Sydney CBD for an additional $20.00 fee for your convenience. Alternatively we can arrange drop off to us at either Belrose or Artarmon.

You can call us on 0412 805 501 or book online via the Book Online tab to lock in a day for your bike service.

TUNE UP - $99.00

Recommended every 3 - 6 months depending on how often you rider to ensure your bike continued to run well between major services. This is recommended for kids bike service ​on bikes that are a basic 26" or smaller model with simple gears, no major suspension and simple drive trains rather than a MAJOR SERVICE


  • Safety check & report

  • Basic clean of bike

  • All bolts check & tightened where needed

  • Check chain wear using professional chain tool to ensure your chain has not stretched to a point where is is damaging the rest of your drive train

  • Brakes cleaned and tuned (does not include bleeding of brakes)

  • Wheel checked to ensure they are true, but if any significant deviation in the wheels is observed additional costs may be required for a thorough wheel service to restore your wheel to true and tension

  • Gears tuned

  • Chain lubricated


Our gold standard comprehensive service. We recommended annually, every 12 months, at the very least to ensure your bike continues to function safely and keeps that new bike feeling as long as possible. It is important to get your bike serviced even if it has not been used for quite some time as bikes can degrade during a period of storage.

If you use your bike in high performance situations, in rugged environments or regularly (multiple times per week) you should consider undertaking a Major Service multiple times throughout the year or whenever you notice a drop in performance in your bike and to prevent undue wear and tear.


  • Safety check & report

  • Bike cleaned and detailed

  • Brakes tuned and bleed where needed

  • Drive train degreased, tuned and lubricated

  • Wheel checked to ensure true and tension, with service of wheel where anomalies in either are observed during service

  • Bottom bracket and headset bearings checked, cleaned and greased during reinstallation

  • Any new parts ordered installed during service

  • Hubs checked and adjusted where required

  • Suspension bearings and pivots cleaned, lubricated and torqued to spec

  • Where required new tired and tubeless set up will be installed as part of service

  • Personal suspension adjustment on pick-up / return of bikes where required

Individual service tasks:ra


  • We are happy to build your bike from scratch for you if you provide all the parts

  • This includes all aspects of biking a bike from scratch to your desired set up so that you get the build you want, rather than the bike a manufacturer things you want...... All you need to do is contact us to make arrangements to drop all your parts off to us

BRAKE BLEED - $25.00 per brake

  • Professional brake bleed using only the best fluids to your preference in brake feel

  • Includes a clean of existing pads and discs whilst removed from the bike with Iso Alcohol to removed contamination you may have on the existing parts

WHEEL SERVICE - $35.00 per wheel

  • Service wheel to restore dish, sweep, hop and tension where the accuracy of your wheel has deminished over time


  • Remove cranks for check and cleaning of bottom bracket

  • Cost includes installation of new bearings, chainring and chain guides where required (cost of parts not included)

  • Bottom bracket and cracks lubricated prior to reinstallation of all parts to factory specific torque for parts being used


  • Removal of fork and headset bearings for cleaning and degreasing

  • Bearings are greased prior to reinstallation and headset torqued to manufacturer specifications


  • We will clean and detail your filthy bike for you

  • Does not include any servicing tasks other than lubrication of chain after clean and cleaning of brakes with Iso Alcohol to remove contaminants

INSTALLATION OF NEW PARTS​ - $35.00 per part 

  • Installation of new parts you need assistance with installing on your bike

  • Note that the more parts you need installed the more propriate it may be to consider ordering a MAJOR SERVICE as we will install as many new parts as you need as part of that service


  • Installation of new tire and tubes, or tubeless set up where needed

  • Does not include cost of parts (e.g. tires and valves) and consumables. We charge $5.00 extra for tubeless tape and fluid when working on tubeless set up if you have not provided your own.

HUB SERVICE - $66.00​

  • Involves dismantling your hubs for internal cleaning, lubrication and reassembly to required torque

  • During this service we will install any replacements parts required, but the cost of service does not include the cost of parts


  • Installation of internal cable routing can be a painful task without the right tools, so why not arrange for us to take the pain out of the task for you

Any other tasks not listed will be billed at a workshop hourly rate of $77.00 per hour.

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