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Hornet, not just an angry bug!

We are starting to get some Hornet bikes and frames in, which are revised for 2017.

Our first photos of a custom build come from Joe in WA who built this one up from frame up with a few carefully picked Dartmoor Bikes components and a wheel, dropper post, seat and suspension/drive trail packages selected from other brands.

The results speak for themself with Joe saying:  

"To be honest I'm super surprised with it. It doesn't even feel like a hardtail with the nice fat wheels and rubber on it. Pedals awesomely for what it is and is super fun when pointed down. Loves the rough stuff and jumps awesomely if only they did one in carbon! Haha"

With a front end coming straight from the Roots downhill bikes, everything Joe said is bang on the money. It won't win XC races but for those looking for a grin inducing hardtail frame .... this is the bike for you.

We have a complete bikes in stock and will have more Hornet frames in July. Contact us for more info.

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