Custom Builds & Upgrades

At Bikes By Ascension we don't just import the standard complete bikes from the Dartmoor Bikes range, because that would be boring.

We can assist you in building the bike of your dreams using the wide range of Dartmoor Bikes frames and components, or simply help you upgrade your trusty old steed with some new and durable parts rom the Dartmoor Bikes range.


As you can see from the gallery above which showcases a number of our custom builds put together with parts we have bought into Australia from the Dartmoor Bikes product range, there is a hell of a lot we can do to make a ride special.


We can also help you upgrade your existing rider well as a couple of examples of bikes that have been upgraded using a few high end components from the Dartmoor Bikes range. After all, it is amazing the different a good set of cranks or handlebar/stem combo will make the quality of your ride if you would prefer to keep your existing frame, but just make it a little better than it was before.

Why not contact us to discuss options and cost for your custom built bike today.

NOTE: A custom built bike will take some additional time to complete when accounting for ordering special parts and construction, we will provide a turnaround projection at the time of completion at the time of delivering a quote. Timing will depend on delivery of all parts both from the Dartmoor Bikes ranges and third party suppliers (e.g. forks, drive train and brakes etc.).

While we cannot stock all products from the Dartmoor Bikes range due to the wide array of parts they produce, we are luck to be distributing a brand which throughout the year hold a reasonable inventory of stock for us to draw on for special orders. If you are looking to upgrade your ride or build a bike from only a few Dartmoor Bikes parts, then we can still look to hook you up even if we don't have exactly what you are looking for in stock in Australia.

This also goes for replacement parts for existing Dartmoor Bikes users. We have on numerous occasions helped a rider get parts such as replacement derailleur hangers, replacement headset or bottom bracket bearings and suspension parts to keep their existing rides going.

If you need something from the Dartmoor Bikes range that you don't see as being in stock in our website store, please don't panic as we can always bring it in with our next bulk order, or make a special order if you need something urgently outside of our pre-organised orders.

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